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1. How long is the turnaround time for an order?
2. How can I get the originals ready?
3. What should be paid attention to the original document? Please contact our hotline to get the
4. How is the printing quotation worked out?

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5. Printing Paper
6. Paper Thickness Tel : 852-24067668 / 24569677
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1. How long is the turnaround time for an order?
The turnaround time is depending on the specifications of your printing order. Our production time is generally 3-8 business days, usually within 5 business days. Orders with post-press finishing such as lamination, binding, paper bag roping, die cutting, hot stamping, etc generally take more than 5 business days.
2. How can I get the originals ready?
Please mail us in express your original data, or log in the FTP account that we offer you and upload the document, we will help you with the whole pre-press procedure.
3¡DWhat should be paid attention to the original document?
Please pay attention to the following points with your document, which will save your precious time.

a. Please convert the text into paths in order that they can be correctly displayed.

b. Please confirm all the files especially the graphic ones included in your document in case of images unable to display or with low resolution. Therefore, make sure that necessary images with high resolution are in the document. (The picture resolution is no lower than 300 dpi)

c. Convert the color of the linked pictures from RGB to CMYK; otherwise the film produced will present confusion of color.

d. Check the accuracy of the color when pantone spot colors in the job. Slight differences generally exist after the operation will happen on different brand name of paper as they made up of various materials.

e. Whether the typeset files have set at least of 3mm bleeding in all pages.

4. How is the printing quotation worked out?
When making the sales budget for a product, our customers will eager to learn the cost of printing. So long as you fill out the quotation, our customer service personnel will quote for you immediately.
If it is the first time you get in touch with the work of handout inquiry and the printing factory, you may feel you are losing your head, and then would you please read the flow which will help you fill in the quotations quickly.

The process of printing can be divided into three stages: Pre-press Period, Printing Period and Post-press Period.

Pre-press Period:
The usual price standard is based on international standard size such as A4/A3, etc. But we prefer quote the size which specific if the actual sample on hand.

Press Period:
This period is the key link of finishing the printing, and the pricing standard is color ream. If spot colors such as a Logo of an enterprise or metallic color/ pantone are included, please note it, and the price will adjust accordingly.

Post-press Period:
This period is finishing step of the presswork. Please specify bindery techniques you request, saddle stitch, glue or foldout (How much roll over), along with the finishing techniques you choose such as lamination, UV-covering, die cutting, hot stamping and special wrapping and packing requirements.

The more concrete and accurate each of the above-mentioned crafts is indicated, the more quickly and accurately our quotation will be made.

5. Printing Paper
Based on A1 printing machine, the maximum printing sheet size is 28" (711mm) x 40" (1016mm)
Maximum printing sheet size: 28" x 40" (720 x 1020mm)
Minimum printing sheet size: 14" x 17.5" (35.56 x 44.45mm)
Maximum printing area: 710 x 1020mm
Gripper: 10 - 12mm
6. Paper Thickness
Kind of paper Substance(gsm) Thickness(mm)
Glossy artpaper 79.1 0.07
  85 0.075
  95 0.085 - 0.09
  105 0.095 - 0.1
  113 0.105 - 0.11
  128 0.115 - 0.12
  140 0.125 - 0.13
  157 0.14 - 0.15
Matt artpaper 82 0.09 - 0.095
  95 0.105 - 0.11
  105 0.115 - 0.12
  113 0.125 - 0.13
  128 0.14 - 0.145
  140 0.16 - 0.165
  157 0.185 - 0.19
Woodfree paper 50 0.065 - 0.07
  60 0.075 - 0.08
  70 0.09
  80 0.095 - 0.1
  100 0.12 - 0.125
  120 0.14 - 0.15
  140 0.175 - 0.185
Artcard/ Artboard 50 0.065 - 0.07
  60 0.075 - 0.08
  70 0.09
  80 0.095 - 0.1
  100 0.14 - 0.145
Packing Method Remark
Kraft wrap About 5 kg/pack
2-ply carton About 15kg net weight/carton
Palletization About 600kg/pallet
Standard size:  
36"(L) x 42"(W) x 42"(H)
Cover + base = 6"
Extra size:

40"(L) x 48"(W) x 42"(H)
Cover + base = 6"
External size: 240" (L) x 96" (W) x 92" (H)
Internal size: 232" (L) x 92" (W) x 90" (H)
Maximum net weight: 17,200 kg
Normal net weight: 16,000 kg


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